Web Stats and Analytics

Website Analytics and Statistics

If you're not measuring your results, you'll never know if you've achieved them!  All Site Street websites are fully integrated with Google Analytics so you'll real-time access to the traffic on your website.  Site Street websites also integrate with Facebook and LinkedIn metrics to augment the core numbers tracked in the main analytics package.

But in addition to Google Analytics, Site Street can help you drill down to the business intelligence hidden in those numbers.  While the total amount of traffic to your site is an interesting statistic, it's only the beginning.  Depending on your specific business objectives, Site Street will monitor and generate custom reports on a wide variety of data points including traffic sources, search engine rankings, social media distribution, form submissions, product reviews, product sales, and any other moment where a user can interact with your website.

Content and Conversion Testing

Have you ever been stuck trying to figure out which set of images or content will create the best results?  Site Street can leverage testing and analytics tools to figure out the best way to drive users where you want them to go.  These tools will provide detailed reports for analysis available for review, but Site Street will be there at every step of the way to help you analyze and make the best decisions.

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Thank you for your work on updating my reiki website. Once you were given the go ahead, you were professional, timely, and pleasant to work with. I wish the folks I had hired in the past got the job done as fast and as well. - Belinda Mendoza