Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Websites can be used for more than just generating new business.  Intranets or Extranets allow a business to automate many manual and time-consuming tasks.

Automate Business Processes

Site Street can build an online application (website) to automate internal business processes.  Some examples include:

  • Billing - Site Street's own billing system was custom built to allow for features not included in standard accounting packages.  This system allows Site Street to run the monthly billing process in just minutes, as opposed to the hours it took before the system was in place
  • Internal Communications - Site Street built a custom website for a financial services company which allows their agents to view and track their sales progress.  The system cut hours out of the office manager's daily routine and provided better communications than existed before
  • Industry-specific - Site Street built an online application for a commodities brokerage which allows them to track their trading activity without the expense of paper tickets.  In addition to cutting the cost and time of managing the paper process, the online system gives their management more control over the trading floor.

Automate Customer Service

Every business has to provide customer service.  In some industries, customer service is an ongoing process.  Providing customer service can be expensive and time-consuming.  Site Street can build a web-based solution to not only cut costs, but improve the customer experience.  Some examples include:

  • Content Management - Every Site Street-built website comes with our Content Management System, which allows the website owner to update all of the content on the website on their own.  As a customer service tool, this gives control to the client (empowering them) and reduces the amount of time spent manually updating websites.
  • Online Account Management - For a large e-commerce website, Site Street built an online order history page for customers to go online and track their orders through the sales and shipping process.
  • Knowledge base and support requests - Often the biggest cost of customer support is just the time spent answering the phone answering questions.  A website with an extensive knowledge base can reduce the time (and money!) spent dealing with simple questions.  Also, the website can automate the process of taking customer requests via simple online forms.  This makes the customer feel like their issue will be handled (as opposed to getting a voicemail) and allows you to manage their request more efficiently than if taken via phone.

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