Develop Brand Loyalty

Develop Brand Loyalty

It's always cheaper to sell services to existing clients than to finding new clients.  Creating customer loyalty is critical to growing and sustaining your business.  Your website can contribute to cultivating customer loyalty by providing services the customer cannot live without.

Automate Customer Service

Every business has to provide customer service.  In some industries, customer service is an ongoing process.  Providing customer service can be expensive and time-consuming.  Site Street can build a web-based solution to not only cut costs, but improve the customer experience.  Some examples include:

  • Content Management - Every Site Street-built website comes with our Content Management System, which allows the website owner to update all of the content on the website on their own.  As a customer service tool, this gives control to the client (empowering them) and reduces the amount of time spent manually updating websites.
  • Online Account Management - For a large e-commerce website, Site Street built an online order history page for customers to go online and track their orders through the sales and shipping process.
  • Online Payments - Allowing your customers to pay you through your website is a great way to create customer loyalty.  Customers will come to rely upon your site to save time (and postage) when utilizing your serivces... and removing any barrier between you and your customer's money is a good idea!


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I think it looks and functions wonderfully. You have done a tremendous job and I am very pleased and proud to be working with such a professional organization. SITESTREET ROCKS!!!!! - John Rowsey