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All of our web design and e-commerce websites come with our custom-built Content Management System (CMS).  The CMS allows our customers to manage their own website without any additional maintenance fees.  Clients are able to add, delete, and edit pages, manage images and pictures, and access any variety of custom content databases we have built such as "Press Releases", "News Articles", "Customer Testimonials", "Product Catalog", "FAQ", and "Blog".

Some web design and development companies offer a CMS system but few are as user-friendly or easy to use as ours.  Our customers are provided a written manual and trained on its use over the phone, usually in an hour or less and are able to maintain their sites with very little ongoing support.  Training and support is always included as part of the development of the website.

Additionally, our CMS has been developed in-house over the past 6 years to ensure it's reliability, security, and compatibility with the latest search engine optimization techniques.  Since we do not use a third-party or open-source solution, we are not susceptible to the security holes and problems that can occur with the large, complicated solutions available in the marketplace.  Our CMS is customized for each site so you only have to work with the features that are active on your site.  No more scrolling through pages of settings and fields when only a fraction actually affect your site!

See some of the comments from our customers:

"We started off with a very skeptical view of the content management system.

My business partner and I, as social workers, tend not to be tech savvy. We would just as soon leave the technical stuff to technical people. However, after two demonstrations of just how the CMS system works, I was hooked. In taking the lead on this project, I spent my first weekend with the content management system playing with its different features and getting a kick out of how easily changes could be made. I had discovered a power. The power to change our website instantly. I must confess, I continue to make changes for change sake and because I can. I'm hooked. And so far, nothing has been too difficult to tackle. For anyone considering taking the plunge, it is well worth it. We are able to add and subtract from our Clientele list and make any other additions or deletions without fuss or fanfare. It has been money well invested."
Confessions of a CMS Junkie

Stacie Buchanan, Director
Shared Vision Consultants, Inc.

"The management system is great!I  t’s been really easy to insert the content..., but everything is very user-friendly."

Emily Norman
Triple Crown Dogs 

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